Vegan for Animals WordPress Widget

What does Vegan for Animals WordPress Widget do?

How many animals are killed each year? How many animals are killed each day? How many animals are being killed as you’re reading this? And how is that supported by states or the European Union? Our free (and open source) WordPress widget makes these issues transparent to the broader public. It includes an animal killcounter with international as well as Germany-specific figures, and a subsidies counter for the EU’s animal agriculture subsidies programmes.
Furthermore the widget provides means to lead site visitors to resources that enable them to end this system of exploitation. Which resources the site visitors are pointed to is configurable, meaning you can tailor the widget to your audience and lead them to any resources of your choice.

This widget is a great addition to your vegetarian, vegan and animal rights-centered wordpress site. Make your visitors aware of the extent of animal exploitation using facts and numbers on the number of killed animals as well as public subsidies. You can add multiple instances of this widget to your site, meaning you could for example display both the international kill counter and the EU subsidies counter.

The widget is currently available in English and German – translation into other languages is easy to do and any help is welcome.


  • Animal killcounter – How many animals are slaughtered each day? How many animals are slaughtered each year? Data: Worldwide and Germany.
  • Set counter to: Live, second, day, week, month, year
  • EU-subsidies-counter on animal agriculture
  • Multiple instances on one sidebar
  • Set your call to action Link
  • Enable/disable widget promotion
  • English and German translation – more to come

Examples of the Widget

How to install Vegan for Animals WordPress Widget?

  1. Download the widget’s ZIP file. Current state is beta.
  1. Install
    1. by Upload-Plugin function
      1. Go to the install-plugin section, click at „upload Plugin“ right next to the headline, upload the zip file and enable the plugin.
    2. or alternatively manual
      1. Copy the plugin to your WordPress installation’s plugins folder.
      2. Extract the ZIP file.
      3. Enable the plugin in the plugin-section of your WordPress admin interface.
  2. Go to Appearance -> Widgets and drag the Vegan for Animals WordPress Widget to your preferred part of the website, for example a footer or sidebar.

Frequently asked questions

Why isn't that plugin at the repository

You won’t find any explicit vegan/political(?) plugin there, so we haven’t tried to get Vegan for Animals WordPress Widget into that.

Is there any roadmap?

First things first: We want to stabilize and polish the plugin. Next step is an easy update function. We’ve further ideas, but we also want to know the feedback of the community first.

How can I support the plugin?

Sharing is caring. Also if you’re a developer help is very appreciated! You can also make a contribution to our association.

How do I get in contact with the developer?

You can contact the developer Moritz by , also you can have a look at the git-repository.

What is your information channel for future releases?

Subscribe our newsletter to get informed on major releases.